Top Communication Apps for Your Android Device

We are living in modern age, but communication with your friends or coworker sometimes isn’t as easy as just walking over to them. Today we work with people across the world and the internet is main way for our communication. To work efficiently we need better ways to communicate.

We’ve collected up the most popular & best communication apps for your android device:

IMO Instant Messenger

IMO is a best multi messenger support app. It supports all popular messenger networks like  Google Talk, Skype, Windows Live Messenger, Facebook Messenger, Yahoo Messenger, Jabber, and Myspace.


Price: Free

Download: IMO Messenger

Tango Text, Voice, Video Calls

Tango is one the amazing communication app in our list. It support text messaging, voice & video calls absolutely free with your Tango friends and family. You can text message and can make voice & video calls to other Tango user using your Tango app on your smartphone or tablet.


Price: Free

Download: Tango


It’s very hard to beat skype for any other communication app because of its free & huge communication network. Skype enables you to make free video & voice calls using your front and rear facing cameras over 3G or Wifi.


Price: Free

Download: Skype

WhatsApp Messenger

WhatsApp is best of the messenger in android world. It’s very popular and supports multiple platforms(supports Android, iOS, Blackberry, Windows Phone, Symbian). You can send text messages, images, video & audio to your friends & family around the globe as long as both of you are connected to internet.


Price: Free

Download: WhatsApp


Viber is a nice & free communication app. It enables you to call & send text messages, image, video & audio for free anyone using viber around the globe.

Price: Free

Download: Viber

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