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The Best and Worst Antivirus Apps for Android


With the growth of malware threats on Android, it definitely makes sense to use an antivirus app, but unfortunately, a new study reveals many security apps have miserable detection rates, so you need to choose wisely. Here are the ones that performed best. AV-Test inspected 41 Android virus scanners against 618 types of malware. Nearly two-thirds of them identified less than 65% of those types of malware—making them unsuitable or unreliable for your mobile security, the firm writes. The top [...]

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Best Antivirus Apps for Android


With startling headlines like “Number of malicious Android apps grows by 2200% year over year” and “86% of all malware delivered via repackaging of legitimate apps” it is worth looking at what measures you can take to protect yourself from malware. Besides common sense items like not downloading apps from an untrusted app store or not installing apps which ask for odd permissions (like a game wanting SMS permissions), there is the option of installing an anti-virus app for your [...]

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