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Create Android Spelling Checker Service

The spelling checker framework enhances the text inputs experiences on Android by assisting the user quickly identifying and correcting spelling errors. When an application framework uses the spell, allows the user to  see a red underline below misspelled or unrecognizable words that the user can immediately correct errors by selecting a suggestion from a drop down list. If you have an input method editor (IME) developer, under the spell gives you a great way to make an even better experience [...]

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Have a look on XmlPullParser.nextText()

With the help of XmlPullParser is an efficient and maintainable way of parsing XML on Android. Historically Android has two implementations of this interface: KXmlParser, via XmlPullParserFactory.newPullParser (). ExpatPullParser, via Xml.newPullParser (). Implementation of Xml.newPullParser () had a bug where calls to next text () does not always continue to the END_TAG as the documentation promised. May therefore certain applications work around the bug with additional calls next () or nextTag (): public void parseXml(Reader reader) throws XmlPullParserException, IOException { [...]

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