Samsung Galaxy III to get Jelly Bean Update this October

This october Samsung will provide “Jelly Bean” update to its flagship Galaxy S III smartphone.

samsung galaxy s3

Apparently hoping to boost on the snail-like pace at that it updated the Galaxy S II, the jelly bean upgrade can return simply around four or five months when the device went on sale. A week more or less agone, Samsung said “it had sold twenty million of the handsets within the initial one hundred days of accessibility”.

The news that the Galaxy S III would get jelly bean this October came via CNET Great Britain, that received a categorical statement from Samsung.

As that piece conjointly noted, the 4G version of the Galaxy S III that technology can launch later this year can go with jelly bean from the beginning.

Android 4.1 is pretty almost like android 4.0, with one notable difference: the addition of the Google now personal assistant feature. Google now could be in some ways in which a rival to Apple’s Siri, and conjointly extends Google’s linguistics search efforts onto mobile devices.


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