Nissan Uses a Tablet as the Dashboard in its New Concept Car

Nissan uses a tablet as a dashboard with its new concept car SUV field, which will be displayed at the Paris Motor Show this month.

The innovative concept car has a striking resemblance to the Nissan Juke, but uses three electric motors which drive the wheels, and offers a hydrogen fuel cell to produce electricity.

Consistent with the prediction of the future of design and Nissan, the car is equipped with a removable shelf. Drivers must anchor the tablet in the car, so the car can be driven, and slate gives a speedometer and energy.

The driver can also change the display tablet infotainment, even if the tablet drivers important information, the speed of the car, in a format that display side-by-side.

Nissan is due to the earth to reveal a press unveiling at the Salon de l’Automobile in Paris, which begins Sept. 27.

Car manufacturers are increasingly focused on tablets or similar devices in the past few months. Renault showed GPS Tablet LeWeb conference in Paris in December, while both Cadillac and Kia were tablets, including free as an incentive for potential customers to buy their cars.


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