iOS 6 Features iPad Users Should Know

Apple iOS 6 is available for both iPhone and iPad. Apple iOS 6 is enclosed with some fun new options, offered nowadays, for iPad users also. Here’s a glance at the new stuff you’ll get: Siri, a clock app, Facebook integration, FaceTime everywhere and many more.


Before we have a tendency to start with what new options you are doing get with the iOS 6 update for the iPad, it’s vital to say what you don’t. To start, you may not be ready to update your original 2010-era iPad to iOS 6. There’ll be no record app, no panoramic camera, and in fact no increased Phone app with the iOS 6 update for the iPad. you’ll have additionally detected that the Google’s YouTube app won’t return normal with the iOS unharness. And once Apple determined to not use Google’s Maps app from now on, they additionally unknowingly determined to get rid of Google’s StreetView capability furthermore.

But here’s what you are doing get with iOS 6 for iPad:

Siri – whereas the new iPad free earlier this year is ready to require dictation, it had been still missing the total set of options provided by Siri. Siri has additionally been updated and can tell you sports scores and standings for your favorite groups, suggest movies times, and show you which ones restaurants in your space have tables offered. Siri may also currently post to your Facebook and Twitter accounts. and therefore the updated restrictions in iOS 6 can permit you to dam specific language once exploitation Siri.


Apple’s own Maps app – Apple has created its own Maps app that includes such features as turn-by-turn directions, three-dimensional maps and Apple’s own time period traffic data. And if you happen to own the cellular version of the iPad, it comes with GPS inherent that makes the turn-by-turn feature helpful on the iPad. Apple has additionally detached the combination with the Maps app to form it easier to attach with localized map apps from developers, thus keep a watch out for your native transit authority to require advantage of this new capability.

Facebook integration – With iOS five, Apple value-added Twitter integration throughout the assorted apps and options of iOS. currently with iOS 6, Facebook has been value-added and you may realize a similar level of integration for Facebook throughout iOS. Sharing links from campaign, posting photos, recommending apps within the App Store, and holding individuals grasp wherever you’re and wherever you’re moving into Maps are a number of the places you’ll be able to currently use Facebook from your iPad.


Sharing multiple PhotoStreams – once PhotoStream was introduced as iCloud’s version of MobleMe Galleries, a negative aspect impact was losing the flexibility to make multiple streams that you simply may share along with your family and friends. With iOS 6, currently you’ll be able to established multiple PhotoStreams. once you opt to share a photograph with PhotoStream, you may be prompted to decide on that one you would like to share that pic with. The reverse is especially vital for your iPad as you’ll be able to currently show photos from all of the iCloud accounts in your family, not simply the one iCloud account related to your device. it’s currently a lot of easier to envision all of the photos everybody has taken on at specific event or location.

Do Not Disturb – The Notifications feature has been increased to permit you to quickly shut down all notification settings in one swipe, even as you’ll before iOS five. You’ll be able to currently additionally piece every of your mail configurations severally from inside notification. thus if you would like to be alerted by new mail messages coming back into your Google account, however not your Yahoo account, currently you’ll be able to. This includes putting in a particular mail alert and/or vibration pattern for every account.


Very Important Contacts – in conjunction with the update to the notification configurations comes the flexibility to make your own list of important individuals.You’ll be able to have calls, messages and mail notifications from these users handled otherwise than others. once you activate the don’t Disturb mode, you’ll be able to permit alerts from your favorites to return through. This comes in handy if you’re willing to be interrupted by solely sure people.

iCloud tabs in campaign – currently even as you’ll be able to with campaign in OS X puma, with iOS 6 you’ll be able to see what you have got open within the tabs on your different devices. Organized by the name you have got related to every device, you’ll be able to currently see all of the foremost recent tabs that you simply have open on all of your campaign browsers, together with on your iPad.

Enhanced App Store – Apple has overhauled the on device App Store interface to handle the problem of emergence additional quality apps to users. You currently have access to additional data regarding every app together with their version history. Another handy feature is that you simply are not any longer needed to enter a countersign for the free apps you decide on to transfer.

New Clock app for iPad – Narrowing the quantity of default iPhone apps that ar missing on the iPad, Apple has determined to finally embody the Clock app as a customary with iOS 6 for iPad. The Clock app isn’t an on the spot port from the iPhone version; you’ll be able to instantly tell that every feature was customized with the larger interface of the iPad in mind. you have got a World Clock, Alarm, stop watch and Timer even as you are doing on the iPhone version.

FaceTime everywhere – whereas the iPhone is obtaining the flexibility to send and receive FaceTime calls over cellular networks for the primary time, Apple has increased Facetime so you’ll be able to receive all of your FaceTime alerts across all of your devices. That currently includes alerts that somebody is attempting to FaceTime you on another iOS or OS X device. this implies all of your devices can ring at a similar time.

Overall, the iOS 6 update is quite important if you’re the owner of a third-generation iPad. Remember: don’t desire you wish to run out associated get an iPhone five so as to require advantage of all of the new options of iOS 6.

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