How to Root Android Device in a Simple Way

You might have heard about rooting Android Phones. Rooting android device is a process of gaining full access to the entire android operating system and you can run special apps that need to root access. This app can control apps permissions, disable bloatware, enable tethering and can do many other things which an unrooted phone cannot do.

Android is linux based operating system. The root user is administrator of android system, the root user has access to the entire operating system and can do anything with it.


Before rooting your android phone or table, please be aware of below points:

  • Some manufacturers may void your device warranty but rooting will not harm your damage your hardware. You can unroot your device and manufacturers will not be able to know that it’s been rooted before.
  • Rooting may lead to vulnerability on rooted devices that could enable other apps to access secure or private information.

Steps to root your device:

Download and install the Java JDK on your computer.

Then enable USB debugging on your Android. On the device, go to Settings > Applications > Development and enable USB debugging

Connect your android device to your computer using USB. Don’t mount it just plug it in.

Root you device using SuperOneClick

We will root our device using SuperOneClick, its a single click process to root your device and should work with every device but incase it doesn’t support your Android Device then visit Android Development and Hacking forums at XDA Developers.

You can download SuperOneClick at, its a official website. After downloading, run SuperOneClick:

Click Root button in SuperOnClick and leave rest to the SuperOneClick.

The process will take a few minutes, if some error occurs visit Android Development and Hacking forums at XDA Developers.

After rooting is completed restart your android device.

Rooting process automatically installs the SuperUser binary. Whenever an special app is run on your Android device it ask you to gain root permissions for itself.

Now you can run any app that required root access on your Android device

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