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Crop Image Using JCrop in C#


This tutorial will explain you how to crop an image using JCROP (library built in jquery) in ASP.NET C#(c sharp). We have used JCROP library to set size & coordinates of the area selected while cropping an image. Tweet

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Best Jquery & Javascript Date Picker Plugins


Below is the list of featured date pickers/calender libraries for your website. Most of these are built  on javascript and jquery. These date pickers have great functionality and can be modified the way you want. These date pickers are very user friendly with attractive user interface which help you and your website visitors Jqueryui Datepicker View Demo & Download Kelvinluck jQuery date picker View Demo & Download Javascript Datepicker View Demo & Download Eyecon Jquery Datepicker View Demo & Download Zebra Datepicker [...]

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Top Jquery Interactive Graphs & Charts Libraries


Jqplot jqplot is a best graph free jquery library. It provides numerous of chart options. jplot graphs are not only customizable, they can also be expanded. It enable users to zoom, add shadows and even drag & drop in graphs/charts. View Demo Highcharts Highcharts is a javascript chart library which offers interactive & intuitive charts to a website. It supports many chart options(spline, line, bar, pie, column, area and more). View Demo Flot Flot is another jquery chart library which [...]

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10 Amazing jQuery Dropdown Menus


Dropdown menus are used since the evolution of graphical user interfaces, and jQuery Menus are most wanted. Although a must in almost all websites, but still they are high on demand. There are numerous options in dropdown menus, but finding the one matching to your needs yet trendy can be tricky. Keeping this in mind, we have collected a whamming collection of jQuery dropdown menus to give a new inspiration for your designs. Check out the post and let us know which [...]