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iOS 6 Features iPad Users Should Know


Apple iOS 6 is available for both iPhone and iPad. Apple iOS 6 is enclosed with some fun new options, offered nowadays, for iPad users also. Here’s a glance at the new stuff you’ll get: Siri, a clock app, Facebook integration, FaceTime everywhere and many more. Before we have a tendency to start with what new options you are doing get with the iOS 6 update for the iPad, it’s vital to say what you don’t. To start, you may not be [...]

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Sharing Excel Workbook Between Multiple Users on Shared Drive


Excel provides a feature to share excel workbook or excel file between multiple users. Sharing excel file enables us to simultaneously work on a single excel file which can’t be done otherwise. Shared workbook solves the problem of exception thrown by excel ie. File locked for editing by ‘another user’. To share your excel file > Go to Tools > Share Workbook. In Share Workbook, click on Editing Tab > Select Allow changes by more than on user…. checkbox. Then click on Ok [...]

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Google Reveals Underwater Street View

google underwater street view

A new partnership between Google and also the Catlin Seaview Survey, a serious scientific study of the world’s reefs, enables you to surf through the world’s oceans with the primary underwater panoramas view in Google Maps. Google updated its Street view collection to include awesome underwater pictures of Hanauma Bay in Hawaii and sites in Australia, the Philippines and more. Visit the below link and select a virtual destination: Google map underwater street view reveals gourgeous sights: turtle swimming [...]

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Installing, Configuring Asterisk on Linux, Making Calls Between Extensions

Asterisk is an open source architecture which is sponsored by Digium for developing communications applications. Asterisk turns a standard PC into a communications server.Asterisk powers  conference servers, VoIP gateways, IP PBX systems etc. It is used by both small & large businesses, carriers, call centers and by companies worldwide. Downloading Asterisk Download asterisk gui from below link: File to be downloaded: asterisk- Installing Asterisk Install downloaded Asterisk GUI on your linux system. Below is a guide to install asterisk on [...]

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Samsung Galaxy III to get Jelly Bean Update this October

samsung galaxy s3

This october Samsung will provide “Jelly Bean” update to its flagship Galaxy S III smartphone. Apparently hoping to boost on the snail-like pace at that it updated the Galaxy S II, the jelly bean upgrade can return simply around four or five months when the device went on sale. A week more or less agone, Samsung said “it had sold twenty million of the handsets within the initial one hundred days of accessibility”. The news that the Galaxy S III [...]

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Facebook breeding ‘virtual vanity’


More than 1/2 youngsters’ biggest considerations in life is friends seeing candid footage of theirs on Facebook, a survey has discovered. Four in 10 worry regarding friends swing uncomplimentary photos of them on the positioning, with girls involved regarding it a lot of usually than men, the Daily Mail rumored. The figures were discovered by a survey for looking website Its co-founder, Duncan Jennings, called the trend “virtual vainness.” A fifth of Facebook users frequently exaggerate posts on their [...]

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Google breaks down summer Maps searches

Summer is coming back to a detailed (it formally ends the day the iPhone five goes on sale, coincidentally). And to mark the beginning of time of year, Google has de-escalated what we tend to hunted for on Google Maps over the summer months. So what did we tend to rise to here within the UK? taking part in squash and aiming to the park, if the info area unit correct. Nice to check we’re not living up to the [...]

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