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iOS 6 Features iPad Users Should Know


Apple iOS 6 is available for both iPhone and iPad. Apple iOS 6 is enclosed with some fun new options, offered nowadays, for iPad users also. Here’s a glance at the new stuff you’ll get: Siri, a clock app, Facebook integration, FaceTime everywhere and many more. Before we have a tendency to start with what new options you are doing get with the iOS 6 update for the iPad, it’s vital to say what you don’t. To start, you may not be [...]

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Samsung Providing a Patch to Fix Galaxy S III Remote Data Delete Vulnerability

samsung galaxy s3

Samsung Galaxy S III users can now download and install over-the-air patch for remote data deletion vulnerability. Samsung said that users can download and install security patch that will protect them from code that triggers factory reset on their device without their permission. This security vulnerability was demonstrated last week at a security conference(Argentina). This flaw is due to the way TouchWiz UI of Samsung which handles unstructured supplementry server data code that enables hacker to execute commands on keypad of [...]

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Hackers can Factory Reset Samsung Galaxy S III & S II Remotely

Hackers have revealed that they can delete all the data of Samasung’s Galaxy S III and S II by embedding a code within a web page which will trigger full factory reset. The code is cirulating online and was revealed at a security conference(Argentina). If a Samsung Galaxy S III or Galaxy S II users visit web page which include such code, their phone will be restored without their permission. Experts has described it as a Major Security Vulnerability. It [...]

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Motorola Launches Razr i Android phone with 2 GHz Intel Chip


Motorola launched its new Razr i android smartphone at London press conference. Motorola claimed that the new 2 GHz Intel processor can enable battery lifetime of twenty hours at without charging it, although its power-hungry Super Amoled 4.3 inches screen. The firm same the Razr I’s battery was 40% “more powerful” than that in an Apple’s iPhone 4S, which the 8MP camera starts up in less than a second. In shot, the phone has 4.3-inch AMOLED screen, with a waterproof coating which covers its  Kevlar backing. MicroSD is expandable and thanks to its shape and size that it easily [...]

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Samsung Galaxy III to get Jelly Bean Update this October

samsung galaxy s3

This october Samsung will provide “Jelly Bean” update to its flagship Galaxy S III smartphone. Apparently hoping to boost on the snail-like pace at that it updated the Galaxy S II, the jelly bean upgrade can return simply around four or five months when the device went on sale. A week more or less agone, Samsung said “it had sold twenty million of the handsets within the initial one hundred days of accessibility”. The news that the Galaxy S III [...]

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Amazon Debuts New Kindle Devices Not Even a Year After the Last Kindle Release


This new crop of devices comes less than a year after Amazon’s last Kindle release. Will people ditch like-new Kindles to upgrade?   Originally Posted By: Jaymi Heimbuch ( Tweet

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Tips to Record Clear Audio on Your Mobile Phone

Phone Voice Recording

While it’s simple to record sound on a mobile device, obtaining an audio clip with a decent sound quality is additional difficult. Here are four recommendations on the way to maximize clarity once shooting with mobile phones. 1. WATCH OUT WITH CONSONANTS One of the most important culprits in unclear audio is sort of a plosive consonent letters like t, d, p and b which will be fuzzy sound while not the proper expression, as an example, the word “winter” [...]

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Nissan Uses a Tablet as the Dashboard in its New Concept Car


Nissan uses a tablet as a dashboard with its new concept car SUV field, which will be displayed at the Paris Motor Show this month. The innovative concept car has a striking resemblance to the Nissan Juke, but uses three electric motors which drive the wheels, and offers a hydrogen fuel cell to produce electricity. Consistent with the prediction of the future of design and Nissan, the car is equipped with a removable shelf. Drivers must anchor the tablet in [...]