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Google play has several Twitter apps. Twitter itself launched its own brand app however we are Seesmic is the best among many twitter apps. It provide enables user to manage multiple accounts. Seesmic widget shows latest tweets and an implausibly slick and skilled style, its one amongst the same of app development nowadays out there.3

Price: Free

Download: Seesmic (Facebook, Twitter)

Facebook for Android

facebook android

Facebook for Anroid is lacking in options when compared to Facebook itself, however a recent update provided additional Inbox support to the Anroid app, finally permitting its users to speak in virtually real time. The Facebook for Anroid  app is quick and has become stable.

Price: Free

Download: Facebook for Android


hotmail android

Microsoft in association with developer SEVEN developed Hotmail app for Android which provides users a straight forward, clean and sleek interface, full notification support and even helps users to manage multiple hotmail accounts using this app.

Price: Free

Download: Hotmail Android

WordPress for Android

wordpress android

WordPress for anroid launched as freelance creation wpToGo, before WordPress determined it liked it most of it bought it up – hiring the developers to develop it in-house. It is packed with all the features, with the most recent version enabling integration with alternative apps fully, property you spin content and send it on to the app for simple change. It might do with additional image insertion tools, though.

Price: Free

Download: WordPress

Google Goggles

google goggles

Google Goggles enables you to take pictures  which can be analyzed by Google and are available back with a research results page for what you are looking at. However, the app’s main use is to read QR code, that enables scanning of barcodes for fast access to apps.

Price: Free

Download: Google Goggles

Samsung ChatOn

samsung chaton

There are many sms tools on Anroid. However Samsung’s ChatOn is best and beats  several of them by providing multi-platform support, which even support older Samsung phones. Additionally, users can use its image sharing, drawing and social networking options.

Price: Free

Download: Samsung ChatOn


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