Best Browsers for your Android Mobile

Android has a strong browser in its stock which has all the features you need to have in a browser like voice search, multiple device sync, support for javascript, flash play support and many sharing options. Android browser gets your job done but users look for much more smarter, lighter, faster browsers available at google play store.

Below are best browser for your android mobile:

Opera Mobile 12

Opera Mobile 12 is that the most advanced browser out there. It is a first HTML5-ready browser within the mobile apps, in line with a key benchmark created by the trade association W3C. Opera provide full-throated multimedia system support of this batch.

Price: Free

Download: Opera Mobile

Dolphin Browser

Dolphin browser has retain the Editors’ selection designation among mobile browsers apps, for having complete set of amazing features such as Gestures,auto fill searche, and voice management like Siri, to call a few—without poignant performance and speed. It is the highest-achiever of the mobile browsers once it involves performance, however not the quickest of all.

Price: Free

Download: Dolphin Browser

Google Chrome


Google Chrome Browser for android loads pages quicker than the other android browsers. It supports all of your favorite Chrome components, like concealed browsing, auto fill search, to call some. But like its desktop counterpart it does not support Adobe Flash. Few of you’ll be  strive to know it, as Chrome for android needs android 4.0.

Price: Free

Download: Google Chrome


If like to have lots of plugins in your browser than Firefox 10 is unmatched in choices. a number of our favourite extensions. Sadly, Firefox lacks in its multimedia system adeptness, proving useless once it involves Adobe Flash, however it’s still a faster mobile browser.

Price: Free

Download: Firefox

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