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Crop Image Using JCrop in C#


This tutorial will explain you how to crop an image using JCROP (library built in jquery) in ASP.NET C#(c sharp). We have used JCROP library to set size & coordinates of the area selected while cropping an image. Tweet

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Reading and Writing Linux Files Using JSCH (Java)

JSCH (Java Secure Channels) JSCH allows us to connect to sshd server and use file transafer, port forwarding, X11 forwarding and we can use its functionality in our java applications. I have created an example which shows us how to use JSCH in java application to read and write linux files. JSch is in pure Java, but it depends on JavaTM Cryptography Extension (JCE) Below is class which consist two methods: 1st one is used to read files from linux and [...]

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Amazing Video Players for Your Android Phone


Android has few amazing video players(which supports almost all video formats) at Google Play. We have sorted out best of them for you which we sorted them in terms of video playback quality, format support, & interface. MX Player MX Video Player for android is nice but not the best video player, it supports almost all the video formats but you need to download codec for the same which are available at Google Play. It provides features like multi core [...]

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Best Jquery & Javascript Date Picker Plugins


Below is the list of featured date pickers/calender libraries for your website. Most of these are built  on javascript and jquery. These date pickers have great functionality and can be modified the way you want. These date pickers are very user friendly with attractive user interface which help you and your website visitors Jqueryui Datepicker View Demo & Download Kelvinluck jQuery date picker View Demo & Download Javascript Datepicker View Demo & Download Eyecon Jquery Datepicker View Demo & Download Zebra Datepicker [...]

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Android Apps That Will Increase Your Productivity


We have stepped into an era of portable and smart devices which has replaced laptops and computers with lighter, thinner and much more efficient & functional smartphones and tablets. To increase your efficiency and productivity there are many apps available at google play. We have sorted out best android productivity apps: All-in-One Toolbox All-in-One Toolbox enables you optimize your android device, it has 14 tools to optimize your android device which includes one click memory boosting, task killer, system info, [...]

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Most Popular Android Launchers for Your Mobile


The thing I like the most about Android is that it can be customized the way you want unlike other mobile platforms. Android has nice stock launcher but user has options to choose out from several third party launchers. Lets explore the most popular android launchers: Go Launcher At No.1 is Go Launcher, this is my favourite. It provides a attractive UI with smooth and speedy transition. You can download hundreds of themes and widget for Go Launcher, customize it [...]

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Top Communication Apps for Your Android Device


We are living in modern age, but communication with your friends or coworker sometimes isn’t as easy as just walking over to them. Today we work with people across the world and the internet is main way for our communication. To work efficiently we need better ways to communicate. We’ve collected up the most popular & best communication apps for your android device: IMO Instant Messenger IMO is a best multi messenger support app. It supports all popular messenger networks [...]

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Top Jquery Interactive Graphs & Charts Libraries


Jqplot jqplot is a best graph free jquery library. It provides numerous of chart options. jplot graphs are not only customizable, they can also be expanded. It enable users to zoom, add shadows and even drag & drop in graphs/charts. View Demo Highcharts Highcharts is a javascript chart library which offers interactive & intuitive charts to a website. It supports many chart options(spline, line, bar, pie, column, area and more). View Demo Flot Flot is another jquery chart library which [...]

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