Android Apps That Will Increase Your Productivity

We have stepped into an era of portable and smart devices which has replaced laptops and computers with lighter, thinner and much more efficient & functional smartphones and tablets. To increase your efficiency and productivity there are many apps available at google play. We have sorted out best android productivity apps:

All-in-One Toolbox

All-in-One Toolbox enables you optimize your android device, it has 14 tools to optimize your android device which includes one click memory boosting, task killer, system info, cache cleaner, SD file manager, history cleaner, batch installer & uninstaller and more. It embraces all features which is required to boost your android device performance.


Price: Free

Download: All-In-One ToolBox

Team Viewer for Meetings

Team viewer enables you to join a meeting with your clients, colleagues anywhere, anytime. It allows you to participate in a web conference without being in front of your laptop or computer. It works best with 3G internet connection.


Price: Free

Download: Team Viewer for Meetings


App2SD allow you to move your apps from internal storage to memory card which helps you in saving your internal storage as it is limited.

Price: Free

Download: App2SD

2X Battery Saver

2x Batter saver lets you save your battery efficiently. This app turn on/off the internet connection when required by using a smart algorithm which reduces battery consumption. This helps you to extends many hours to your battery.

Price: Free

Download: 2x Battery Saver

Andro Zip File Manager

AndroZip is the first android archiver in Google Play. It enables you to zip and unzip files, it also supports encrypted zip and allows you to manage your files and folders. Androzip support all major archive formats: ZIP, RAR, GZIP, TAR.

Price: Free

Download: AndroZip 

ASTRO File Manager

Astro file manager is a best file manager at Google Play, it helps you in organizing your documents, music, pictures and other files efficiently. It provide your features such as taking app backup, file browser, text viewer, image viewer which is better than android gallery, application manager,SFTP, app manager and more.

Price: Free

Download: Astro File Manager

Gallery Lock Free

Gallery lock allow you protect your images and other media files from others. It protects your privacy from others. It enables you to set a password on images and other media files which you don’t want other phone users to view.

Price: Free

Download: Gallery Lock

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