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5 Awesome Android Live Wallpapers

Android one of the best mobile operating system which can be customized the way you want. And its only platform which supports live wallpapers, it allows users to animate their workspace and some fun and action to the otherwise boring home screen. 1. Space Colony – $1.99 Purchase at Google Play 2. Plasticine Spring flowers – $1.35 | Free Trail Purchase at Google Play Download Free Trial at Google Play 3. Nexus Triangles – $0.99 | Free Trial Purchase at [...]

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Delete All Objects of a Database Using SQL Script

Below is the script which can be used to delete all the database objects – views, functions, procedures, constraints & tables using a this script. /* Drop all non-system stored procs */ DECLARE @name VARCHAR(128) DECLARE @SQL VARCHAR(254) SELECT @name = (SELECT TOP 1 [name] FROM sysobjects WHERE [type] = ‘P’ AND category = 0 ORDER BY [name]) WHILE @name is not null BEGIN SELECT @SQL = ‘DROP PROCEDURE [dbo].[' + RTRIM(@name) +']‘ EXEC (@SQL) PRINT ‘Dropped Procedure: ‘ + [...]

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