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Most Popular Android Launchers for Your Mobile


The thing I like the most about Android is that it can be customized the way you want unlike other mobile platforms. Android has nice stock launcher but user has options to choose out from several third party launchers. Lets explore the most popular android launchers: Go Launcher At No.1 is Go Launcher, this is my favourite. It provides a attractive UI with smooth and speedy transition. You can download hundreds of themes and widget for Go Launcher, customize it [...]

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Top Communication Apps for Your Android Device


We are living in modern age, but communication with your friends or coworker sometimes isn’t as easy as just walking over to them. Today we work with people across the world and the internet is main way for our communication. To work efficiently we need better ways to communicate. We’ve collected up the most popular & best communication apps for your android device: IMO Instant Messenger IMO is a best multi messenger support app. It supports all popular messenger networks [...]

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Top Jquery Interactive Graphs & Charts Libraries


Jqplot jqplot is a best graph free jquery library. It provides numerous of chart options. jplot graphs are not only customizable, they can also be expanded. It enable users to zoom, add shadows and even drag & drop in graphs/charts. View Demo Highcharts Highcharts is a javascript chart library which offers interactive & intuitive charts to a website. It supports many chart options(spline, line, bar, pie, column, area and more). View Demo Flot Flot is another jquery chart library which [...]

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iOS 6 Features iPad Users Should Know


Apple iOS 6 is available for both iPhone and iPad. Apple iOS 6 is enclosed with some fun new options, offered nowadays, for iPad users also. Here’s a glance at the new stuff you’ll get: Siri, a clock app, Facebook integration, FaceTime everywhere and many more. Before we have a tendency to start with what new options you are doing get with the iOS 6 update for the iPad, it’s vital to say what you don’t. To start, you may not be [...]

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Sharing Excel Workbook Between Multiple Users on Shared Drive


Excel provides a feature to share excel workbook or excel file between multiple users. Sharing excel file enables us to simultaneously work on a single excel file which can’t be done otherwise. Shared workbook solves the problem of exception thrown by excel ie. File locked for editing by ‘another user’. To share your excel file > Go to Tools > Share Workbook. In Share Workbook, click on Editing Tab > Select Allow changes by more than on user…. checkbox. Then click on Ok [...]

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Google Reveals Underwater Street View

google underwater street view

A new partnership between Google and also the Catlin Seaview Survey, a serious scientific study of the world’s reefs, enables you to surf through the world’s oceans with the primary underwater panoramas view in Google Maps. Google updated its Street view collection to include awesome underwater pictures of Hanauma Bay in Hawaii and sites in Australia, the Philippines and more. Visit the below link and select a virtual destination: Google map underwater street view reveals gourgeous sights: turtle swimming [...]

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Samsung Providing a Patch to Fix Galaxy S III Remote Data Delete Vulnerability

samsung galaxy s3

Samsung Galaxy S III users can now download and install over-the-air patch for remote data deletion vulnerability. Samsung said that users can download and install security patch that will protect them from code that triggers factory reset on their device without their permission. This security vulnerability was demonstrated last week at a security conference(Argentina). This flaw is due to the way TouchWiz UI of Samsung which handles unstructured supplementry server data code that enables hacker to execute commands on keypad of [...]

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Hackers can Factory Reset Samsung Galaxy S III & S II Remotely

Hackers have revealed that they can delete all the data of Samasung’s Galaxy S III and S II by embedding a code within a web page which will trigger full factory reset. The code is cirulating online and was revealed at a security conference(Argentina). If a Samsung Galaxy S III or Galaxy S II users visit web page which include such code, their phone will be restored without their permission. Experts has described it as a Major Security Vulnerability. It [...]

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